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With a mix of Jazz, Progressive, Rock and Afro-Dominican Folk music, it is little wonder why El Trio cannot be linked to one single genre. Led by composer Jonatan Piña Duluc who is a musical genius in his own right with Symphonic and Latin dance music compositions under his belt, El Trio’s gigs are known to pack quite the punch with the electric Latin-rock-fusion that pours out. It is not only the energy that leaves concert-goers ecstatic, but the totality of their performance.

In terms of their beginnings, while the rest of Santiago were inclined towards traditional Latin jazz or rock influenced by the USA and UK, El Trio brought a sound that was highly unique. El Trio first gained popularity in the underground scenes and were quickly recognized and brought up to be featured in radio shows and magazines around the world.

Despite commanding several musical styles, El Trio’s gigs are hardly random or all-over-the-place, and on the contrary they pride themselves in being able to provide original sets whilst being rich and engaging.

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out of 5
Very good
carole prescott
Feb 20, 2017
It was a very chilled atmosphere ...liked the venue very much

We did not have a chair all definately more seating...
More acts would have been nice
Some better known acts
Please put more of these attacks on...jazz...funk...soul...motown...r&b
Jazzattak Feb 16, 2017
Sami Elkhalifa
Feb 19, 2017
That it took place at all. Great atmosphere, good music and a thoroughly enjoyable evening out. I very much hope that more such events are planned for Abu Dhabi.

Not quite "not like", but there could have been more benches, better food variety and better promotion of the event (a lot of my friends didn't know it was taking place at all)
Jazzattak Feb 16, 2017
Kerry Mesmer
Feb 18, 2017
It was a nice event location. The grassy atea and picnic table were very nice.

More food choices.
Jazzattak Feb 16, 2017
Madhav Das
Feb 18, 2017
Great artists. Nice venue with good seating.

The order in which the artists performed. The Diablos and Muddy Waters Jr. should've performed right at the end. Sannie Fox performed only two songs !! Clearly something wasn't thought through...
Jazzattak Feb 16, 2017
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