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Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose



American wrestler Dean Ambrose is one of the most famous names in the World Wrestling Entertainment competitions. Having reached the very top, becoming the WWE World Champion, he has participated in numerous matches and has gained a fan base across the globe.

Having started to train at age 18 with the Heartland Wrestling Association, Ambrose began to move throughout the region winning matches and earning himself a name as a highly entertaining wrestler. Ambrose continued to move from federation to federation, each time picking up titles and respect along the way. In 2011 Ambrose finally turned professional with the WWE.

Following several lower down matches, Ambrose eventually found himself fighting many of wrestling’s biggest names including CM Punk, John Cena and Kofi Kingston, whom he beat to become the United States Champion.

Ambrose rose to the top in 2016 when he defeated Seth Rollins to become the WWE World Champion which he held for 84 days before being defeated by AJ Styles. He continued his title charge by becoming the Intercontinental Champion in 2015 and regaining it again in January 2017.

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