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Gala Dinner

“Platinumlist ticketing system's set up lets you keep your customer data and sync your Mailchimp.”


"The amount of data I got about my customers from Statistics Tab was extremely helpful."

Conventions and Exhibitions

"I needed 30 tracking links to track sales for each of my digital campaigns and i was able to activate them from Organiser's Dashboard."


"I needed 30 tracking links to track sales for each of my digital campaigns and i was able to activate them from Organiser's Dashboard."


With the help of Platinumlist’s marketing team, the world-renowned cricket tournament, Asia Cup, successfully filled one of Dubai’s biggest stadiums and sell out the matches with as many as 250,000 sports ticket buyers.

Exhibitions and conventions

Undoubltedly, Platinumlist has the biggest number of active Desi clientele in the Middle East. Combining tools such as digital marketing via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as well-stragetised emails and SMS campaigns, the Dubai concert of the top-billed Desi superstar Arijit Singh have successfully sold nearly 7,000 tickets, enough to fill over 90% of the concert’s capacity.


Precise targeting and segmentation is one of the main drivers of a successful marketing campaign. Platinumlist’s marketing team used advance user segmentation techniques by buyers’ interests, behavior and profile as well as well-executed campaign deliverability strategies. As a result, over 21,000 tickets were sold for Dubai International Motor Show, one of the country’s biggest automotive exhibition.


For many years, Platinumlist have been in partnership with Zero Gravity, Dubai’s premier beach club. With email marketing as one of the primary tools of promotion for Zero Gravity’s weekly events, the team have only then seen an upward trend in terms of open rate performance and email deliverability.

Our Marketing Arsenal

Targeted Email Marketing

Average open rate: 15% to 35%

Never send a boring email again. We craft beautifully-designed, bespoke email campaigns, with carefully curated content. Over the years, we have grown quality and comprehensive data of our subscribers’ profiles, inluding interests and demographics. We apply the best practices of email marketing to make sure your message reaches the right audience.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Management

Don’t have time to manage the ever-evolving realm of Digital? We always make sure we are on top of our Digital Marketing game. Our social media experts will save you from all the hassle, making sure to get the optimal conversions for your investment. We work with globally recognised platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Google, including YouTube.

Banner Advertising

Average impressions per week: 130,000 to 400,000

One of the most effective ways to convert customers is to leverage the power of display banner ads. Through the years, we have seen significant numbers of conversions coming from website banners. As huge amounts of traffic in search for specific events are visually engaged, they often proceed to purchase upon seeing banner ads relevant to their interests.

SMS Marketing

Average deliverability rate: 99.9%

If you have a message that demands urgent delivery such as limited time offers or last minute promotions, SMS marketing is one of the best ways to reach your clientele on an immediate basis.

In-store Marketing

Accessibility to hundreds of partner outlets

Flyer placements in hundreds of our strategically-located physical partner outlets greatly adds to your product’s visibility nationwide.

Partner Marketing

Access to radio ads, printed media solutions, outdoor branding materials

To complement your digital marketing strategy, other channels of advertising such as radio and print ads will widely spread your message across. We have partners who provide just the right advertising solution you need. These ads work best for larger events.

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