This Ramadan, Global Village is transforming into a captivating wonderland that embraces the spirit of the holy month. From traditional Ramadan rituals to modern entertainment there is something to do for everyone.

Let’s look at some fun things to do during Ramadan at Global Village.

Watch the Ramadan Cannon

Witness the spectacular Ramadan cannon firing every evening. This symbolic act marks the end of the daily fast and adds a touch of historical significance to your visit.

Experience Fireworks Every Weekend

Kick off your weekends with a bang! On Fridays and Saturdays at 9 p.m., gather with friends and family to enjoy dazzling fireworks that light up the night sky, creating a magical atmosphere.

Fireworks at Global Village

Enjoy Iftar At Global Village

Global Village turns into a food lover’s paradise during Ramadan. With dishes from around the world like kebabs, curries, sandwiches, and more you’re sure to find something delicious under the twinkling lights.

Visit the Ramadan Wonders Souk

Discover unique treasures from different corners of the globe at the new Ramadan Wonders Souk. Located at the heart of the park, this traditional market offers a variety of interesting finds.

Enjoy The Ramadan Vibe

Feel the festive spirit all around Global Village with colorful decorations, lively performances, and an array of mouth-watering foods. It’s a celebration for your senses!

Watch the Laser Show

Visit Dragon Lake, beautifully decorated for Ramadan, and catch the breathtaking laser and fire show. It’s a visual treat that adds a touch of magic to your Global Village experience.

Global Village Ramadan

Watch The Arabian Orchestra

Experience the soulful tunes of Global Village’s 25-piece Orchestra this Ramadan. Each evening, the Main Stage comes alive with mesmerizing soundtracks headed by the orchestra with a globally acclaimed violinist, adding an extra layer of magic to this musical experience.

Stay Till Late and Enjoy Suhoor

Global Village extends its opening hours until 2 a.m. during Ramadan. Take advantage of the extra time to enjoy the vibrant nighttime ambiance and savor a late-night meal.


Global Village Ramadan

Experience World-Class Performances

Enjoy a variety of world-class performances, including a talented Cello player, a captivating Harpist, the rhythmic beats of a Musaharati, the enchanting melodies from an Oud Musician, and the unique tunes of a Qanun player.

Buy Special Ramadan And Eid Gifts For Your Loved Ones

As you explore, pick up unique Ramadan and Eid gifts for your family and friends. Global Village offers a variety of special items that make for thoughtful and memorable presents.

Global Village during Ramadan is a delightful blend of traditional and contemporary celebrations. With exciting shows, diverse cuisines, and a festive atmosphere, it’s the perfect destination for families and friends to come together and create lasting memories during this special month. So make sure you visit during Ramadan.

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