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The Blue Man Group is a performance art company that was formed 26 years ago. Since then, the group’s theatrical productions have taken them all over the world with continued productions in Las Vegas, Orlando, Boston, Chicago, New York City and Berlin. Their Megastar World Tour is a rock concert parody; the Blue Man Group has released multiple albums, contributed to several film scores, performed with orchestras around the US and appeared in numerous advertising campaigns.

The Blue Man Group was originally formed by three close friends Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton. The concept started as a small ‘disturbance’ on the streets of Manhattan’s Lower East Side and eventually became a full performance at the Astor Place Theatre, catching the attention of US media and the rest of the world.

The outfit have worked with a plethora of artists including Tracy Bonham, Dave Mathews, Gavin Rossdale featuring them in their album, The Complex.

With the launch of their second tour, the Blue Man Group has travelled across the globe bringing their memorable production and performance style. They have also appeared in several highly popular shows like The Grammy Awards, The Emmy Awards, The Royal Variety Show for Queen Elizabeth II, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Tonight Show.

As performers, they have also received numerous accolades, further certifying their status as a truly worldwide artistic phenomenon. Their formation in 1991 saw them win the Obie Award. Other accolades include a Grammy nomination in 2000 and an Emmy Award nomination in 2012.

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Event reviews (487)

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Very good
May 06, 2017
The group is amazing, location too big. VIP area was not so nice even chairs around platinum area was not nice.
BLUE MAN GROUP in Abu Dhabi Apr 22, 2017
Apr 26, 2017
The show was good and funny
BLUE MAN GROUP in Abu Dhabi Apr 21, 2017
Apr 26, 2017
BLUE MAN GROUP in Abu Dhabi Apr 18, 2017
Apr 25, 2017
The pvc pipe playing
BLUE MAN GROUP in Abu Dhabi Apr 21, 2017
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