Buckle up, motorsport lovers, because Qiddiya City in Saudi Arabia is gearing up to add a thrilling chapter to its racing legacy with the introduction of the Speed Park Track.

As the Kingdom revs its engines for the upcoming Formula One race at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit on March 9, 2024, Speed Park Track could potentially become Formula One’s next sought-after destination.

Nestled against the stunning backdrop of the Tuwaiq Mountains, the Speed Park Track is not your average racetrack.

Qiddiya City Race Track

Designed by the dynamic duo of Austrian former Formula One driver Alex Wurz and renowned German circuit designer Hermann Tilke, this track has been crafted with the precision and passion that only racing legends can bring to the table.

What sets Speed Park Track apart is its fusion of functionality and cutting-edge technology, aiming to stand among the world’s premier motorsport venues.

The circuit spans the landscape of Qiddiya City, incorporating 21 corners and boasting a heart-pounding 108-meter elevation gain per lap – a true rollercoaster ride for both drivers and spectators alike.

Qiddiya City Race Track

Rising boldly 20 stories above ground level, Speed Park Track is a masterpiece divided into two distinctive sections: a street circuit section and a lightning-fast open track section.

The track seamlessly integrates into the neighborhood and attractions, offering fans a variety of viewing terraces to catch every hairpin turn and breathtaking moment.

About Qiddiya City

Qiddiya City is the place to be. Just a 40-minute drive from Riyadh, this entertainment hub spans an impressive 360 kilometers, housing 25 new neighborhoods, 27 attractions, 275 rides, and 12 theme parks at its core. Speed Park Track promises not just a race but an immersive experience that will leave an indelible mark on the global motorsport scene.

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