As the countdown to 2024 begins, there’s no better place to welcome the New Year than the vibrant city of Istanbul!

While waiting for the new year, the city comes alive with excitement. The iconic landmarks, including the Bosphorus Bridge, are decorated with dazzling lights, setting the stage for a spectacular night. Locals and visitors gather in popular spots like Taksim Square, Ortakoy, and along the Bosphorus shores to welcome the new year with open arms.

Istanbul’s lively atmosphere is complemented by street performances, live music, and a variety of events. Fireworks illuminate the sky, casting a mesmerizing glow over the city. The celebrations continue into the night, with many restaurants, clubs, and bars hosting special events, offering a range of experiences. 

All this has made Istanbul one of the top destinations to celebrate the new year. We gathered a list of New Year events in Istanbul. Discover what to do on new year’s eve in Istanbul Turkey.


Things To Do In Istanbul On New Year’s Eve 

Fireworks Istanbul

New Year’s fireworks in Istanbul transform the city into a mesmerizing spectacle as the clock strikes midnight, marking the transition to a new year. The Bosphorus Strait and the iconic landmarks of Istanbul become a canvas for a breathtaking display of lights and colors. The New Year’s Eve fireworks in Istanbul are a celebration of unity and hope, blending tradition with the contemporary spirit of this dynamic city on the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

Here are several prime locations across the city where you can catch the dazzling display.

New Year’s Fireworks Istanbul

Taksim Square

This central square is a popular gathering place for locals and tourists alike and the best place to celebrate the new year in Turkey. Taksim Square, a central hub in Istanbul, transforms into a festive gathering place, adorned with lights and decorations. The square becomes a focal point for street celebrations, featuring vibrant music, dance performances, and a collective countdown to midnight, and as the clock strikes twelve, it’s completed with a stunning fireworks show.

Bosphorus Bridge

Positioned strategically over the Bosphorus Strait, the Bosphorus Bridge offers an incredible vantage point for the fireworks display. Join the crowds on the bridge or find a spot along the Bosphorus shores for a breathtaking view of the skyline.

Bosphorus Cruise

New Year’s Eve fireworks in Istanbul with the Bosphorus Cruise offer a magical experience. Visitors enjoy panoramic views of the city skyline, including landmarks such as the Bosphorus Bridge, festive dinners, entertainment, and live shows. All you need for an unforgettable night. 

In this article, we have gathered various cruise options for experiencing New Year’s Eve in Istanbul. Keep reading to discover more.

Calmica Hill 

Camlica Hill on the Asian side of Istanbul offers a serene and elevated viewpoint for enjoying fireworks. Renowned for its panoramic view of the city, Bosphorus Strait, and the European side, the spacious park provides a tranquil setting to revel in the beauty of Istanbul’s skyline during New Year’s Eve. It’s a perfect spot for those seeking a quieter yet captivating atmosphere to welcome the new year while enjoying the fireworks.

Ortakoy Square

The Ortakoy neighborhood is known for its lively atmosphere, and Ortakoy Square is a fantastic place to witness the New Year celebration in Istanbul. With the Bosphorus Bridge as a backdrop, the fireworks add an extra layer of magic to the scene.


On the Asian side of Istanbul, Üsküdar offers a different perspective of the cityscape. As the clock strikes midnight, residents and visitors gather to witness the spectacular scene, enjoying a unique perspective of the festivities against the backdrop of Istanbul’s iconic landmarks. The combination of the vibrant atmosphere and the glittering fireworks makes Üsküdar a delightful spot to welcome the new year.


Restaurant rooftops with vantage points to see NYE Istanbul fireworks display

Rooftop NYE istanbul

360 Istanbul

Located in the Beyoglu district, 360 Istanbul is a trendy rooftop bar and restaurant known for its panoramic views of the city, including the Golden Horn, Bosphorus, and the Sea of Marmara. Expect to enjoy a mix of Turkish and Mediterranean dishes, excellent drinks along with a vibrant atmosphere. And as the clock ticks midnight all the eyes turn to the dazzling lights and bustling energy of Bosphorus fireworks! 


Nestled in the historic Pera region, the Michelin-starred restaurant is located on the top two floors of The Marmara Pera Hotel offering stunning views of the city skyline. Known for its “New Anatolian Kitchens” Mikla, with its Turkish cuisine, captivating ambiance, and appropriate prices, stands out as the perfect destination to kick off your New Year’s festivities in the city. Mikla’s terrace is an ideal place to witness the fireworks while enjoying a gourmet meal.

Nu Teras

If you’re looking for a more historic backdrop to your New Year’s celebration, the terrace of Nu Teras is an excellent spot. Located in the heart of Istanbul’s historic Sultanahmet district, Nu Teras offers breathtaking views of the city, including the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque.

Vogue Restaurant & Bar

In a contemporary ambiance, Vogue, a culinary masterpiece, offers spectacular views of the Bosphorus and the city. The restaurant features a stylish dining room and lounge providing exquisite food, a cocktail bar for excellent drinks, a complete sushi counter, and two outdoor terraces, offering a unique panoramic view to enjoy New Year’s Eve Istanbul fireworks.


New Year’s Eve Dinner Istanbul 

Restaurant Istanbul

Deciding where to dine on New Year’s Eve in Istanbul is a delightful journey blending traditional Turkish tastes with contemporary culinary experiences.The festive ambiance, coupled with live music and entertainment, invites both locals and visitors to enjoy the season’s spirit.

Here are some recommendations for dining venues that offer unique experiences for welcoming the new year:

Sunset Grill & Bar 

Situated by the Bosphorus in Ulus, Sunset Grill & Bar combines a sophisticated setting of a glass dining hall with panoramic views. The restaurant offers a diverse menu of Mediterranean dishes and sushi. It’s an upscale option for those seeking a refined dining experience. Guests have the option to begin their evening by enjoying the sunset over dinner or a drink, all while being treated to live entertainment as they await the midnight celebration.

Vogue Restaurant & Bar

As mentioned earlier, Vogue Restaurant & Bar seamlessly blends a modern atmosphere with breathtaking views of the Bosphorus. Boasting a chic dining area, lounge, cocktail bar, and outdoor terraces, the venue provides a diverse menu featuring dishes from different cuisines. With an array of enticing cocktails, it offers a high-end dining experience, positioning itself as the top choice for celebrating New Year’s Eve in Istanbul.


Meyhanes in Istanbul offer an essential Turkish experience, combining lively socializing with a diverse array of mezes. These traditional taverns are characterized by their convivial atmosphere, where guests enjoy an array of appetizers, particularly the popular anise-flavored spirit, rakı. With traditional decor and live music, meyhanes provide an intimate and cultural setting for friends and family to come together and celebrate Turkey’s culinary and social traditions.


New Year’s Eve Parties In Istanbul 

NYE celebration club

For those who want to celebrate the night with an exciting atmosphere, Istanbul’s clubs promise a diverse and energetic nightlife experience. With live performances, DJs, and themed parties, these venues transform into lively hubs as the city welcomes the new year. It’s a dynamic celebration marking the beginning of a vibrant year in Istanbul.

Reina Club

Renowned for its glamorous atmosphere and Bosphorus views, Reina Club is a popular choice for those seeking an upscale New Year’s Eve experience. The venue often hosts special events, featuring live performances and top DJs.

Sortie Club

Overlooking the Bosphorus, Sortie Club offers a stylish setting with multiple terraces and a vibrant atmosphere. It is known for its themed parties and energetic celebrations on New Year’s Eve.

Supperclub Istanbul

Known for its avant-garde approach, Supperclub Istanbul combines dining, music, and entertainment. Check for their New Year’s Eve events, which often include unique performances and a lively atmosphere.


Located in Taksim, KLEIN is a popular nightclub known for its electronic music scene. It attracts a diverse crowd so you must book in advance! The club may host special events for New Year’s Eve.

Nardis Jazz Club

For a different vibe, the Nardis Jazz Club in Beyoğlu is a notable spot. While it primarily focuses on jazz, it may host special New Year’s Eve events with live performances and a cozy ambiance.


New Year’s Eve Cruise In Istanbul 

One of the best places to spend new year in Istanbul is on a cruise over the Bosphorus Strait enjoying the city’s iconic skyline and the festive atmosphere. These special cruises along the Bosphorus Strait provide a unique and enchanting experience, allowing guests to enjoy the festivities while sailing on the shimmering waters. From dinner cruises featuring gourmet meals and live entertainment to lively party cruises with music and dancing, there are diverse options to suit every preference. 

Discover the different options available for New Year’s Eve cruises in Istanbul.

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

Many companies offer special New Year’s Eve dinner cruises along the Bosphorus. These cruises voted typically include a gourmet dinner, live entertainment, and the chance to welcome the new year while sailing on the enchanting Bosphorus.

Party Cruises

For those looking for a livelier atmosphere, there are party cruises that feature music, dancing, and a vibrant party scene. These cruises often have a DJ or live band to keep the energy high throughout the night.

Fireworks Cruises

Some cruise operators offer specific New Year’s Eve fireworks cruises, ensuring passengers have the best views of the spectacular fireworks displays over Istanbul. These cruises may include additional amenities such as champagne toasts at midnight.

Bosphorus Yacht Charters

Private yacht charters are available for a more intimate and exclusive New Year’s celebration. This option allows you to customize the experience, including the menu, entertainment, and guest list.

Dinner and Show Cruises

Combining a dinner cruise with a live show is another popular option. These cruises often feature traditional Turkish entertainment such as belly dancing and folk music, providing a cultural experience along with the celebration.

Midnight Toast Cruises

Some cruises are designed to offer a front-row seat to the midnight countdown and toast to the new year. These shorter cruises focus on the crucial moment of transition, providing a memorable experience without a full dinner program.


Whether enjoying a Bosphorus cruise, a rooftop dinner, or joining the crowd in the heart of the city, Celebrating New Year in Istanbul is a dynamic and memorable experience.


Things to Know before celebrating NYE in Istanbul

Traveling to a new country or during a holiday or festival period can be overwhelming and confusing. However, taking these aspects into account will contribute to improving your travel experience, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable New Year celebration in Istanbul.

  • Weather Considerations: Be prepared for winter weather in Istanbul during New Year’s Eve, with temperatures likely to be chilly. Dress accordingly and check the weather forecast before your trip.
  • Crowded Streets: Expect crowded streets and popular tourist areas, especially in the central parts of Istanbul, as people gather for celebrations. Plan your routes accordingly and be aware of potential traffic delays.
  • Book Accommodations in Advance: Given the popularity of Istanbul as a New Year’s destination, book your accommodations well in advance to secure the best options and prices.
  • Reservations for Events: If you plan to attend specific New Year’s Eve events, such as dinners, parties, or cruises, make reservations in advance as these can fill up quickly.
  • Fireworks Viewing Spots: If you wish to have a prime spot for watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks, consider popular locations like the Bosphorus shores, Taksim Square, or elevated points like Camlica Hill. Arrive early to secure a good vantage point.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Respect local customs and traditions during New Year’s celebrations. Familiarize yourself with Turkish customs and be mindful of cultural sensitivities.
  • Transportation: Public transportation and taxis might experience increased demand during New Year’s Eve. Plan your transportation in advance and consider walking or using public transport when possible.
  • Currency and Payments: Ensure you have local currency (Turkish Lira) for small purchases, and check with your bank regarding the use of credit/debit cards in Istanbul during the holiday season.
  • Language: While many locals in tourist areas speak English, it can be helpful to learn a few basic Turkish phrases to enhance your communication and show cultural respect.
  • Closures: Some shops, restaurants, and attractions might have altered operating hours or be closed on New Year’s Day. Check in advance and plan your activities accordingly.