DIFC is set to transform into a creative haven with the return of the 17th edition of DIFC Art Nights. Taking place on Thursday, March 7th, and Friday, March 8th, this event is a highlight on Dubai’s art and culture calendar, promising a visual feast of local and international artistic talent.

A Creative Oasis in the Heart of Dubai

DIFC Art Nights has earned its reputation as a key event in the city, turning the bustling financial district into a celebration of creativity. The event provides a unique platform for artists of all ages and backgrounds to showcase their works, captivating the senses of art enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

Spotlight on Local Artists

This edition of DIFC Art Nights takes a special focus on celebrating the rich talent of local artists. It’s an open invitation for every creative mind to participate and have their artwork featured in this dynamic showcase. Whether you’re an experienced artist or someone with a passion for the arts, this is your chance to be a part of something extraordinary.



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Calling All Creatives: Your Time to Shine

DIFC Art Nights is giving all artists an opportunity to have their artwork displayed in the midst of the art fest, catching the eye of hundreds of visitors. All it takes is a simple submission. If you’re an artist or know someone with a talent for creating stunning visuals, this announcement is for you.

The submission process is straightforward – send your artwork by February 26, 2024, to artnights@difc.ae. The DIFC team will carefully review each submission, selecting standout pieces to be showcased during the two-day festival. The possibilities are endless – whether your expertise lies in visual arts, painting, sculpture, photography, design, murals, or art films, you are encouraged to be a part of this celebration of creativity.

The clock is ticking, so don’t hesitate to be part of this celebration. For all the details and guidelines, visit difc.ae.