Nestled in the heart of the Saadiyat Cultural District, a groundbreaking marvel is set to grace the skyline of Abu Dhabi—the Natural History Museum. This colossal 35,000 sqm institution promises to be a knowledge, wonder, and discovery hub.

Natural History Museum Design

Lead architects Mecanoo have orchestrated a design that seamlessly blends with the natural rock formations, echoing the museum’s mission to deepen our connection and understanding of the natural world.

The 35,000 sqm expanse will feature greenery-topped, organic-shaped buildings, harmoniously merging with the rocky shores of Saadiyat. Water and vegetation will be integral components of the façade, creating an immersive experience right from the museum’s entrance.



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What To Expect At The Natural History Museum, Abu Dhabi

Prepare for a journey through time and space as the Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi unravels the captivating narrative of Earth’s history.

The galleries, spanning over 13.8 billion years, will guide visitors from the formation of our planet to the present day, offering a glimpse into the potential future. What sets this museum apart is its unique Arabian lens, showcasing the local flora, fauna, and geological history of the region.

One of the crown jewels in the museum’s collection is ‘Stan,’ the Tyrannosaurus rex—a 67-million-year-old skeleton that stands as one of the best-preserved dinosaur specimens. Additionally, the Murchison Meteorite, having crash-landed in Australia over 40 years ago, will reveal organic stardust compounds and pre-solar grains dating back over seven billion years.

The museum’s commitment to education and research extends beyond its awe-inspiring exhibits. With a dedicated teaching institute and scientific research center, studies in zoology, paleontology, marine biology, molecular research, and earth sciences will be at the forefront.

The goal is to inspire curiosity and passion for the natural world, serving as a think tank for future innovation and emerging technologies.

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Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi

Natural History Museum, Abu Dhabi Opening Date

The Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi is expected to open by the end of 2025. As the finishing touches are applied to this cultural gem, it’s destined to become the largest museum of its kind in the region.

Beyond its walls, the museum’s impact extends far and wide. It aims not only to showcase the beauty and diversity of our planet but to inspire future generations to be advocates of the environment.

Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery, as the Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi opens its doors to unveil the wonders of time and nature, inviting visitors to explore the beauty and complexity of our planet’s history.

Stay tuned for updates about the opening dates, ticket pricing, and more.

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