Saudi Arabia may not have the traditional four seasons around the year, but it has something that makes up for it – the exciting Saudi Seasons that run in the country throughout the year. Since their launch in 2019, Saudi Seasons have brought a fresh wave of activities and celebrations to various cities across the Kingdom, focusing on sports, culture, music, and much more.

Saudi Seasons is an initiative designed to promote tourism and celebrate the diverse culture and heritage of Saudi Arabia through a series of festivals held throughout the year in different regions.

These festivals are packed with events and activities that cater to all tastes, making each season a unique experience.

Here’s a list of all the Saudi Seasons according to the calendar so that you can plan your Saudi Arabia travels accordingly.

Sharqiah Season

Sharqiah Season

Starting in March, the Sharqiah Season kicks off the festivities in the Eastern Province. This season is a two-week celebration featuring an array of events, including water sports, concerts, multimedia exhibitions, and cultural showcases. It’s an excellent way to dive into the vibrant spirit of Saudi Seasons.

Jeddah Season

Jeddah Season

Jeddah Season, which typically runs for four months, is a celebration of the city’s coastal charm. Under themes like “Our Lovely Days” and “Once Again,” Jeddah comes alive with plays, concerts, exhibitions, and numerous family-friendly activities. In previous years, this season has attracted millions of visitors, making it one of the most popular events in the Kingdom.

This year’s Jeddah Season has just been announced, find out more about it here. (link)

Aseer Season

Everything You Need To Know About Aseer Season

For those looking to escape the summer heat, Aseer Season is the perfect retreat. Running through the summer months, this season is set in the picturesque Aseer region, known for its cool weather and beautiful landscapes. It features adventure activities, live entertainment, and dining events, offering a refreshing break from the sweltering temperatures elsewhere.

Taif Season

Taif season

Taif Season, held in August, celebrates the rich heritage of Saudi Arabia. Located in the mountainous Makkah province, Taif offers concerts by renowned Arab musicians, cultural events at historic sites like Souk Okaz, and adventurous activities like mountain hiking. This season is a deep dive into the traditional and cultural roots of the region.

Riyadh Season

Riyadh Season is the crown jewel of Saudi Seasons, lasting from October to January. Known for its grand scale and variety, it features an extensive lineup of theatre shows, concerts, international exhibitions, and interactive experiences. Each year, Riyadh Season attracts global superstars and sets new records, making it a must-visit event.

Diriyah Season

Diriyah Season

Diriyah Season, running from October to February is set in the historic city of Diriyah, close to Riyadh. This season focuses on sports and cultural events, including equestrian competitions and boxing championships. With its historical backdrop, Diriyah Season offers a unique blend of tradition and modern entertainment.

Al Ula Season

Al Ula

Ending the main Saudi Seasons is AlUla Season, also known as Winter at Tantora. Held from December to January, this season takes place in one of the most stunning regions of Saudi Arabia. It combines art, music, fashion, and food with the natural beauty of AlUla, creating an enchanting winter festival.

Saudi Seasons offer something for everyone, whether you’re a fan of sports and culture, or just looking for a fun outing with family and friends. Each season is carefully curated to highlight the best of Saudi Arabia, making it worth traveling to different parts of the Kingdom to experience the festivities.

So, get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Saudi Seasons!