Exciting news for everyone in the UAE! The government has just declared a super-long holiday for the private-sector workers to celebrate Eid-Al-Fitr. Starting from Monday, April 8th, all federal government employees will have a possible nine-day holiday until Sunday, April 14th if Eid falls on Tuesday, April 10th. After that, it’s back to work on Monday, April 15th.

However, if Eid falls on Monday, April 9th, work will resume on Friday, April 12th, as the break runs from 29th Ramadan (Monday) to 3rd Shawwal (Thursday or Friday, depending on the moon sighting)

The current prediction is expecting Eid to fall on Tuesday, April 10th, and since Saturday and Sunday are already weekends in the UAE, workers get an amazing nine days off! This means lots of time to celebrate and have fun with loved ones.

This extra-long break is perfect for spending time with family, enjoying festive fun, and taking a well-deserved rest after Ramadan.

Stay tuned to know the exact dates of the Eid break based on the moon sighting. Until then, check out things to do during the Eid break in Dubai!