As the Holy Month of Ramadan approaches, Expo City in Dubai is gearing up for the much-anticipated return of “Hai Ramadan,” a vibrant celebration of culture, tradition, and community. The event promises a delightful mix of festivities, culinary delights, and family-friendly activities that capture the essence of Ramadan.

Here’s what you can expect during this month-long celebration at Expo City.

Iftar Cannon

One of the highlights of Hai Ramadan is the Iftar Cannon. Originating from Egypt and now a cherished tradition in various Muslim countries, the cannon fires a single shot at sunset, signaling the beginning of Iftar. Visitors to Expo City Dubai will have the unique opportunity to witness this ancient tradition, adding a touch of historical charm to the modern celebration.

For those seeking a place of prayer, a dedicated mosque in the Sustainability District will be available for all prayers, including Isha, Tarweeh, and Tahajjud.

Expo City Ramadan Festival

Al Wasl Plaza

At the heart of Hai Ramadan’s celebrations is the iconic Al Wasl Plaza, where immersive projections will come to life as the sun sets. The “Immersive Story Time with Al Wasl” will narrate special stories about the Prophet, creating a captivating atmosphere for those gathered at the dome.

Families with little ones can enjoy a theatrical show, “Quest to Find the Moon,” featuring the beloved Expo City mascots, Rashid and Latifa. This engaging performance imparts the values of Ramadan, such as kindness and compassion, in a way that captivates and entertains.

Iftar & Suhoor at Expo City Dubai

Ramadan wouldn’t be complete without breaking the fast and sharing a meal with the community. During the month, Expo City will house over 20 outlets and food carts serving Iftars, Suhoors, and traditional Ramadan snacks with a background of the Surreal waterfall.

For families, the newly opened Oasis Food Hall provides a family-friendly iftar experience, with bookings starting from AED 150.

Iftar at Expo City

Cultural Exploration at the Lively Souk

Venture into the lively souk at Expo City, where handmade crafts, traditional garments, and Ramadan-themed items await. The vibrant marketplace offers a unique shopping experience, with the added bonus of arcade games from Magic Planet UAE for the little ones.

Explore “Grandmother’s Supermarket” or the whimsical “Dukan Yadoo,” where children can use tokens earned from the traditional Floos Bank to indulge in sweet treats. These charming additions bring an extra layer of nostalgia and joy to the cultural festivities.

Entry to Hai Ramadan is free for those with iftar and suhoor bookings or AED 20 for others, with free admission for children under five. Tickets are now available on Platinumlist.

Hai Ramadan in Dubai
11 Mar - 09 Apr 2024
20 AED View event

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