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In a travel breakthrough, Kosovo and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have sealed the deal for visa-free entry between their nations.

UAE citizens are now granted visa-free entry to the picturesque land of Kosovo. Holders of ordinary, diplomatic, special, and mission passports from both countries can now visit the country without any paperwork requirements.

For our Emirati friends, it’s time to bring out their passports, ensure they have a validity of at least six months, and embark on a journey to Kosovo hassle-free for up to 90 days per visit. Whether you’re dreaming of exploring historical landmarks, embracing the vibrant culture, or just soaking in the breathtaking landscapes, you’re in for a treat.

Kosovo Is Now Offering Visa-Free Travel For UAE Citizens

With ordinary, diplomatic, or official passports, Kosovo passport holders can also skip the visa queue when heading to the UAE.

This agreement isn’t just about paperwork. It’s a nod to easier cultural exchanges, increased tourism, and stronger ties between these friendly nations. Whether you’re dreaming of the UAE’s modern marvels or Kosovo’s historic charm, the path is now open.

So, pack your bags, capture the moments, and savor the freedom of visa-free travel between Kosovo and the UAE!