Get ready to plan your long weekends and vacations, cause the UAE cabinet has just announced the list of public holidays for 2024.

Let’s mark these dates for some quality R&R.

List Of Public Holidays In UAE for 2024

New Year’s Day – January 1st, 2024 (Monday)

Kicking off the year with a day of celebration, January 1st marks a holiday for both the private and public sectors. If you have a two-day weekend, you will end up with a three-day weekend as New Year’s Day will fall on a Monday. The first working day of the year will greet us on Tuesday, January 2nd.

Eid Al Fitr – April 8th to 12th, 2024 (Monday to Friday)

After the holy month of Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr is the first holiday of the year. Astronomical predictions have set the stage for a long break from April 8th to April 12th. For people with a Saturday and Sunday weekend, there is an expected nine-day break starting from Monday, April 8th to April 12th, with work resuming on Monday, April 15. Of course, the exact dates will depend on the actual moon sighting, but we can keep our fingers crossed for a nine-day Eid Al Fitr break.

Arafat Day – June 15th, 2024 (Saturday)

Arafat Day, the holiest day in Islam, takes its place on June 15, 2024. This sacred day occurs about 70 days after Eid Al Fitr and marks the second day of the Hajj pilgrimage. It will likely fall on a Saturday (depending on the moon sighting). People working on Saturdays can expect a day off on Arafat Day.

Eid Al Adha – June 16th to 18th, 2024 (Sunday to Tuesday)

Following Arafat Day, we get into the celebration of Eid Al Adha, set to unfold from June 16th to 18th in 2024 (depending on the moon sighting). We can expect Monday and Tuesday off for Eid Al Adha, marking another four-day break.

Hijri New Year/Islamic New Year – July 7, 2024 (Sunday)

On July 7, 2024, the Hijri New Year will mark the beginning of the Islamic New Year. Depending on the moon sighting, the Islamic New Year may fall on a Sunday. If it falls on a weekday, we can expect a day off.

Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Birthday – September 15, 2024 (Sunday)

In September, we commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on Sunday, September 15, 2024, which will be marked by a public holiday. Again, the exact date will depend on the moon sighting.

Commemoration Day and UAE National Day – December 1 to 3, 2024 (Sunday to Tuesday)

As the year draws to a close, December brings a double delight. Commemoration Day on December 1 sets the tone for reflection, followed by the grand celebration of UAE National Day on December 2 and 3. For those reveling in a two-day weekend, this means a splendid four-day break to bask in the festivities.

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