There are many new and exciting places opening up in the UAE. From Hanging Gardens to Mario-Kart-inspired racing karts, there is something new for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the latest new places to explore around the country.

Chaos Karts

Imagine stepping into a video game, where you race through digital landscapes, dodging obstacles and battling for victory. That’s the experience at Dubai’s latest attraction, Chaos Karts. This innovative karting adventure uses augmented reality to create immersive racecourses that blur the lines between the virtual and real worlds. You’ll strap into high-tech karts and navigate futuristic circuits, all while avoiding obstacles that appear before your eyes. It’s a safe and exhilarating experience, thanks to advanced anti-collision technology, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the race.

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Sharjah Hanging Gardens

Sharjah’s new Hanging Gardens in Kalba, one of the best new places to visit in Sharjah, is a lush oasis spanning 1.6 million square feet with over 100,000 trees. Situated at 281 meters above sea level, the gardens offer stunning views and a range of activities. Mountain climbing paths, an excursion train, and a 760-meter running track are perfect for adventure seekers and fitness enthusiasts. Families will love the recreational areas, skatepark, and central restaurant with breathtaking views. The gardens are free to visit, making it a must-see destination for all ages.

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Real Madrid World

Dubai Parks and Resorts has teamed up with Real Madrid C.F. to create one of the best new tourist attractions in UAE – the world’s first football-themed park. Real Madrid World is a haven for sports enthusiasts, offering thrilling rides, family-friendly attractions, and a journey through the club’s illustrious history. Visitors can explore the fun zone, inspired by the team’s winning spirit, and enjoy a variety of sport-themed dining options. For the ultimate souvenir, the park features unique retail stores with official Real Madrid merchandise.

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Fujairah Adventure Park

Fujairah Adventure Park is a haven for thrill-seekers, boasting the Middle East’s highest swing, zip lines over water, and mountaintop trails. With over 20 hectares of dedicated space, you can enjoy archery, axe throwing, and other high-adrenaline activities. It’s the perfect spot to unleash your inner adventurer and explore the great outdoors.


The Palm Jumeirah Monorail

Discover the iconic landmarks of Palm Jumeirah with the Palm Monorail. The day pass allows you to explore at your own pace, with stops at the Golden Mile Galleria, beautiful beaches, and the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark. Enjoy breathtaking views and a unique perspective of Dubai’s cityscape during your journey.

Al Hefaiyah Lake

Opened in March 2024, Al Hefaiyah Lake in Sharjah offers a serene escape with breathtaking views and a range of activities. Located along the Sharjah-Kalba Road, this attraction features boat rides, lake tours, and 11.7 kilometers of mountain trails. Families can relax in shaded play areas, and a stunning mosque adds a touch of spiritual solace. The Al Hefaiyah Rest House provides a perfect spot to unwind with a meal surrounded by nature.

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Al Hefaiyah Lake

Illusion City

Located on Bluewaters Island, Illusion City is an interactive museum filled with optical, auditory, and tactile illusions. Step into a world where reality and imagination blend, offering mind-bending experiences for all ages. It’s perfect for family outings, team-building events, or school trips. With tickets starting at AED 75 for adults and AED 60 for kids, it’s an affordable and fascinating day out.

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BattleKart Dubai

BattleKart Dubai brings the thrill of Mario Kart to life with electric karting, video games, and augmented reality. Located at Dubai Investment Park, this attraction offers six unique tracks with digital projections, allowing you to interact with the course and engage in various game modes. Whether you’re racing to become the longest snake or playing virtual soccer on wheels, BattleKart Dubai is an adrenaline-fueled experience you won’t want to miss.

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