September is almost here, and the sun is finally setting on the harsh summer in Dubai, bringing with it a fantastic array of events and activities.

After the summer break, the city is coming back in full force with exciting events. From electrifying concerts to side-splitting comedy shows and cultural showcases to nostalgic music performances, September in Dubai is a month that promises a delightful escape from the mundane.

Let’s dive into the exciting lineup of events that will keep you entertained all month.

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Things To Do In Dubai In September

Beat The Heat with Massar Egbari & Disco Misr at The Agenda

📆 1st September

As summer winds down, the Beat The Heat concert is here to turn up the heat on entertainment at The Agenda, Dubai Media City. In this edition, Massar Egbari’s fusion of rock, pop, and Egyptian folk will set the stage ablaze while Disco Misr takes you on a nostalgia trip back to the disco era. Get ready to dance the night away and say goodbye to summer in style!

Farhan Akhtar at Coca-Cola Arena

📆 1st September

Bollywood lovers, this one’s for you! Farhan Akhtar, the multi-talented artist, is gracing the Coca-Cola Arena with his first arena concert in Dubai. Get ready to sway to a fusion of rock, Bollywood hits, and soulful melodies. This promises to be an evening of pure musical magic that will leave you humming his tunes for days to come.

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Davido – Timeless Tour at Coca-Cola Arena

📆 2nd September

Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich sounds of Africa as Davido brings the Timeless Tour to Dubai. Celebrating the cultural exchange between Africa and Dubai, this concert is set to be a unique and vibrant experience. With Afropop superstar Davido leading the show, you can expect a fusion of beats, emotions, and a celebration of diverse cultures.

Joanne McNally at The Agenda

📆 2nd September

Laughter truly is the best medicine, and Joanne McNally is here to deliver the dosage. On the 2nd of September, head over to The Agenda for an evening of uproarious comedy. Joanne’s comedic genius promises to leave your cheeks sore from laughter and your spirits lifted. This is your chance to experience world-class stand-up right in the heart of Dubai.

Joanne Mcnally Live in Dubai
26 - 28 Jan 2023
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Jah Khalib at Coca-Cola Arena

📆 3rd September

For music that’s as diverse as Dubai itself, don’t miss Jah Khalib’s performance at the Coca-Cola Arena. With a mix of rap vocals, emotional lyrics, and Central Asian melodies, this artist is all set to take you on a musical journey that’s a blend of modern and traditional influences. With hits that have amassed millions of views and international accolades, this concert is a must-see for music enthusiasts.

Asha Bhosle at Coca-Cola Arena

📆 8th September

Legendary Indian singer Asha Bhosle is celebrating her 90th birthday in style. On the 8th of September, join the festivities at Coca-Cola Arena as she mesmerizes the audience with her timeless hits. With decades of music behind her, Asha Bhosle’s concert promises to be a journey through the golden era of Bollywood.

Amr Diab at Etihad Arena, Abu Dhabi

📆 9th September

The legendary Egyptian singer, Amr Diab, is set to grace the stage at the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi, promising an unforgettable night of entertainment. With a career spanning decades and a Guinness World Record to his name, Amr Diab’s music has touched the hearts of millions worldwide. As you step into the Etihad Arena on September 9th, the air will be charged with anticipation, ready to welcome the iconic Amr Diab for a performance that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

Indie Vibes at Coca-Cola Arena

📆 9th September

Nostalgia takes center stage on September 9th at the Indie Vibes concert. Featuring iconic artists like JAY SEAN, RDB, RAGHAV, and JUGGY D, this event is a blast from the past that transcends eras. Sing along to your favorite tunes and experience the magic of music that stands the test of time.

Jagane Thandhiram at The Junction

📆 9th September

Get ready to be transported to the enchanting world of the 90s with Jagane Thandhiram. A nostalgic love story that resonates with every 90s kid, this performance is a charming blend of music, laughter, and heartfelt emotions. It’s a journey you won’t want to miss.

Rosie Holt at Theatre by QE2

📆 9th September

Social media sensation Rosie Holt is here to tickle your funny bone on September 9th. Known for her satirical videos, Rosie brings her sharp wit and comedic brilliance to the stage. Get ready to laugh until your sides ache as she dives into the world of politics and entertainment.

Funny Filipinos Dubai feat. Alex Calleja, Andrew Orolfo and Imah Dumagay

📆 10th September

Prepare for a night of unstoppable laughter on the 10th of September as Filipino comedians take the stage. Imah Dumagay, Alex Calleja, and Andrew Orolfo are here to deliver a dose of comedy that will leave you in stitches. This trio is set to showcase their unique styles, making it an evening of diverse humor.

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Mind2Mind: Connected at Theatre by QE2

📆 15th September

Buckle up for a mind-bending experience with Mind2Mind. James Harrington and Marina Liani, known for their spellbinding mentalism acts, are here to take you on a journey of the mind. With interactive elements and awe-inspiring feats, this show promises an evening of amazement.

SIIMA 2023 (South Indian International Movie Awards)

📆 15th & 16th September

Celebrate the best of South Indian cinema on September 15th and 16th at the prestigious Dubai World Trade Center. SIIMA, the South Indian International Movie Awards, is back to honor the achievements of the film industry. With stars, filmmakers, and fans coming together, this event is a celebration of cinematic excellence.

Peppa Pig’s Adventure at Coca-Cola Arena

📆 16th & 17th September

Families, get ready for a delightful adventure on September 16th and 17th. Peppa Pig and her friends are bringing their outdoor escapade to Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena. Join them as they sing, dance, and play in the woods, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Kids’ Choice Awards 2023 at Etihad Arena, Abu Dhabi

📆 16th September

Prepare for an extraordinary family celebration as the eagerly anticipated Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards Abu Dhabi 2023 makes its grand return! This event is a true tribute to stars from various domains – film, television, music, sports, and more. The evening will be filled with captivating performances and boundless entertainment tailor-made for Nickelodeon enthusiasts across the globe. Don’t let this chance slip away – join us at the Etihad Arena on September 16th for the most anticipated family and kids’ extravaganza in the UAE. Secure your tickets now to be part of a year-end bash that promises to be the biggest and most exhilarating party of the year!

Throwback Boyband Feat. A1 and 911 at The Agenda

📆 22nd September

Relive the magic of boybands on September 22nd at The Agenda. A1 and 911 are here to take you back to the 90s with their timeless hits. Sing along to the tunes that defined an era and dance the night away in nostalgia.

Miami Band and Modi Al Shamrani at Etihad Arena, Abu Dhabi

📆 23rd September

A night of music awaits you as the renowned Miami Band takes the spotlight at the Etihad Arena on September 23rd, with the addition of Saudi artist Moudi Al-Shamra. Since its inception, Miami Band has held the title of the most celebrated band in the Arab world, and Moudi Al-Shamrani has emerged as a prominent figure in the Saudi art scene, captivating audiences with her distinctive style and enchanting performances. The fusion of Miami Band and Moudi Al-Shamrani’s talent promises an evening of musical enchantment you won’t want to miss.

Ian Bagg with Openers Abbas Al-Lawati and Saaniya Abbas in Dubai

📆 23rd September

Laughter takes center stage on September 22nd as comedian Ian Bagg brings his unstoppable comedy to Dubai. Joined by Abbas Al-Lawati, Oman’s comedic gem, this evening promises non-stop laughter and a night you won’t forget.

Kapil Sharma at Coca-Cola Arena

📆 24th September

The king of comedy, Kapil Sharma, is all set to tickle your funny bone on September 24th at the Coca-Cola Arena. With his signature humor and infectious laughter, Kapil Sharma promises an evening that will leave you in splits.

Sip & Paint at The Market in Dubai

📆 24th September

Unleash your inner artist on September 24th with Sip & Paint at The Time Out Market. Enjoy a creative painting class while sipping on selected beverages. Guided by the talented Dina Saadi, this event promises a delightful experience for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned painter or a first-timer. It’s surely one of the best places to visit in Dubai in September.